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The old thing is beautiful (2)

Iksan is a city where traffic is convenient due to the cross between Honam Line and Jeolla Line. The KTX, which runs at 300 kilometers per hour, is opened and arrives from Yongsan Station to Iksan Station in 1 hour and 25 minutes. Even in the Joseon Dynasty, Yeosan, which was the gateway to Jeolla -do, was located right above Iksan, and Yeosan had a station and military. Iksan is the start of Jeolla -do.

If you go on a trip, you do not stay in the busy hotel or motel in the middle of the city, but use a secluded place like a Hanok Hotel or Hanok Experience Center. If you drive about twenty minutes north of Iksan Station, there is a Hamra Hanok Experience Center. It’s a little far from the city, but you can feel the rural atmosphere. Modern hanok is not uncomfortable.

The next morning, I had to wake up at five o’clock. It is not bad to get up early in the destination in summer. There is a long time to look around. It’s a loud kick that comes from not far away. The chickens are at the forefront and the other birds are crying together. It is noisy to see if a mountain mow, sparrow, swallow, cuckoo, moxibustion, and magpie are preparing for the morning. As the dong was broken, the light was broken by the light and the light. In the 1970s, when I lived in a dark house with a light, I remembered my hometown. It is one of the many gifts of travel to an old city.

If you look at the old and beautiful things that remain in Iksan, the first is Maitreya. Maitreya was built in the early seventh century, when he was the 30th king of Baekje. The Maitreya Temple was composed of three towers and three temples, and it was the biggest temple at that time. In the meantime, all of the temples such as Daeungjeon have disappeared, and only the remaining Maitreyaji West Pagoda, the East Pagoda, and the two branches. It stands empty enough to feel empty and lonely.

After four years of work, the school’s evaluation of the tower, which was restored in 1993. The reason for the restoration is not revealed, and the old taste of Maitreya is not revealed and cannot be harmonized. On the other hand, the Maitreya West Pagoda is well received even though it is about half collapsed and only the sixth floor remains. During the Japanese colonial period, the collapsed side of the tower was covered with cement, which has been taken out for a long time, and it shows the collapse. Still beautiful. Just as the Greek Parthenon is destroyed, it is so beautiful. Even though it is a stone pagoda, it is also special in that it makes the curve feel softly like a wooden pagoda.

The summer of summer is too late to go to seven o’clock in the morning. The summer year that has crossed the Yonghwasan is already over. When it was first built in the days of the king, there was a corridor connecting the temple and the tower and the entrance. Even if it rained, snowed, or midsummer, it would not have been inconvenient to look around Maitreya. Now, we have restored the East Pagoda and the West Pagoda, so we look forward to the restoration of the temples such as Daeungjeon and to restore the corridor to make the shade. If you are not the historians who are burning in Hyanghak in the hot summer, over 30 degrees Celsius, who will visit the Maitreya Temple and the West Pagoda? If you are a normal traveler, you will spend within 5 minutes to take a certification shot against the background of the East and West Pagoda at the entrance of the Maitreyaji.

Baekje’s king has many questions. There is a theory that the father of the king is the king of 29th, but it is the 27th king. At that time, Baekje’s capital was Buyeo, and why did Seodong, who was a royal family, lived with his mother at Iksan (at that time) with his mother at the time? How far is 슬롯머신사이트 the love story with Princess Silla Sunhwa? Was the royal family of Silla and Baekje, who were broken and hostile to each other, could succeed in marriage? In the process of repairing the Maitreya West Pagoda in 2009, the record was found that the man of the west pagoda was the daughter of the left -handed home of Baekje and a high -ranking official. So what is Seodong Yo of the Three Kingdoms and what is the Sunhwa Princess? The reign of Muwang was quite long at 41 years, so the queen may not have been one of the Sunhwa princesses from Silla. The daughter of Baekje’s left -handed house is likely to have later entered her queen. Originally, there were three towers of Maitreya and three courts, so there were three queens. It is up to historians to reveal it, and it is ours to imagine and enjoy traveling. If you show your imagination, you can create a more fun story. There are operas, musicals, and movies that deal with this, but I want to make it more diverse and richer. Seodong Festival has been held every year since 2004, but I hope more ideas and content will be filled. I hope you can enjoy the meaning of Young Ho Nam harmony.

The second place left from Maitreya is the Nabawi Cathedral located northeast of Iksan. Navai Cathedral is an antique and beautiful building that reflects both Western architecture and Hanok’s architectural style. The old and beautiful architecture, where the West and the East coexist, are the very precious architecture. Father Kim Dae -gun, who studied theology in Macau and received the first Korean ordination in China, first stepped on the land of Korea in the mid -19th century (1845). In order to commemorate it, Father Vermorel began to build a cathedral in 1906 and built a wooden building in 1907. In 1916, the brick bell tower was extended, the clay wall was converted into a brick wall, and the corridor was renovated in the same shape as it is now, and it has become a beautiful cathedral as it is now. Next to the cathedral, there is a rock overlooking the Geumgang and Pogu, and on it, we set up a beautiful sperm called Manggeumjeong. It is said that Western priests and bishops came to rest.

If you want to pick one more beautiful and beautiful place in Iksan, it is Won Buddhism Iksan Castle. In 1924, Sotaesan Daejongsa, the Won Buddhist doctrine, was founded in Iksan until it was founded and stayed until nirvana. Japanese buildings at that time are well preserved. Buildings such as the Jongjong Room, Songdae, and the Confucian Party are old and beautiful. In addition, the surrounding trees, flowers and grass are carefully managed to make the old buildings stand out. Anyone can quickly feel that he is careful and clean. The secret to the beautiful survival of old buildings is the sincere hand and eye of descendants.

If you are a little more relaxed, please visit Chunpo Station (1914), one of the oldest railway stations in Korea. It was a simple station, and then it was too shabby to be disappointed. The splendor and the Busan’s sanctuary disappeared, and it is one of the best of the trip to see it as it is. The trip is different from what you expected and prepared.

Chunpo Station was a large intestine during the Japanese colonial period, and the large farm was a large farm. Kumamoto Ryouhei, who was a graduate of Keio University, was not rich, but by introducing the company’s system to farm management, attracting many investors in Japan, he could buy the farmland of the colonial Chosun at that time. It was able to produce cheap rice from high productive Honam plains, so that it was able to accumulate a lot of capital by selling expensive and expensive rice during the war. Kumamoto said that he was the economic governor of Joseon. Those traces of such painful history are scattered like dust, and I am afraid that the field of history education and lessons will disappear.

In the early twenties, a church established by an American missionary remains in Iksan. It is Dudong Church. In 1923, Missionary Harrison was the main driver, and established a hanok chapel in the form of a station (a) to divide the male and female believers from side to side. According to the customs of Korea and women, the chapel would be intended to reduce the distance of the believers who first encountered Christianity by building the chapel in the form of a station. This unique Hanok Church remains in Korea. It is Dudong Church in Gimje and Dudong Church in Iksan. Iksan’s Dudong Church has a roof. It was much more beautiful in Dudong Church, which remained in the old place, than the newly built Dudong Church with red bricks next to it. There is also a pleasure to compare the new building and the old building at the same time.

It is what our generation should do now to carefully care for and preserve and hand over to the old and beautiful things. Chunpo Station and Dudong Church were a little disappointed in that regard. On the other hand, with more expectations and hopes, I left Iksan for the first visit to Jeollabuk -do. Iksan Ssangneung is a tomb of the king and queen, so it is expected that it will be able to create more stories and tourism infrastructure based on this.

It is written in the domestic release poster. In the movie casino, Dean Martin and other Sinatra Division’s rats were mentioned, but the film was made by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. It is a remake of the year. Unlike the previous work, which was evaluated, it was featured by George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Robert, Matt Damon, and Andy Garcia.

Previously, I saw a stroke in the Heist genre, which was an obvious story in a tragic ending in a shooting and dramatic scenario of dramatic escape. The process of reversing and neatly completely crime has given us a strange pleasure, and most of the films are not much out of the formula of Oceans Eleven. If you look at the articles alone, you can see how much it is to be compared to the Korean version of Oceans Eleven and the drama, and in the events that take place in everyday life, the stock market, Oceans Eleven and the real version of Oceans Eleven.

The films are full of soft jazz -like music and tension music, but are full of light and youthful music, so I want to find out the history and backgrounds of the famous hotels of Las Vegas.


Like Frank Sinatra, Italy, he is a singer who plays similar music. The hit songs that Komo poured out after the 40’s when they began working with famous bands became a regular menu of Jukebox, a radio and music vending machine. The first singer with more than 10 albums sold. He personally likes “and I love you so”.

Komo has released ‘Till the End of Time’, the first Million Seller in 45 years, ‘Prisoner of OVE’, ‘Dad is like Mombo (PAPA LOVES MAMBO)’ He was recognized as a representative singer with Bing Crossby and Frank Shienhatra by hitting his back. Since his debut on TV with NBC’s ChesterfieldsupperClub in 48, he has appeared on TV variety shows until 63 years, and has since appeared in TV special programs such as Christmas specials. I don’t know if he was the director’s intentions, but he died in May 2001 and the film was released in December of the same year.

*Bellagio Hotel

-The hotel was opened in October 1998, a hotel with the motif of Bellagio Lake Komo, Italy’s high -end resort.

From 2000 to 2015, he won 15 years at the AAA Five Diamond Awards, and the restaurant Picasso and Circus in the Bellagio Hotel also received the Five Diamond Award and Michelin Star.

-Bellagio Osho is directed by the circus of the sun, and the fountain show is famous (will be dealt with again in the movie ending)

-There are 14 restaurants including private dining, in -room dining, and full side dining options

-Prime steakhouse, a steak shop, and a Japanese restaurant Yellow Tail are also popular restaurants.

Desserts are the most famous Venue Filipe Patissier in Las Vegas, and the Bellagio Garden is located behind the world.

-Chornberry & Botanical Garden, located on the first floor of the hotel, creates a unique landscape with a new concept every season by using more than 140 horticultural plants from all over the world.

-The lobby with $ 6 million in glass made by a glass craftsman Dale Chihuri is also famous, and a gallery that presents works such as Picasso and Mane in the hotel is also operated in the hotel.

“A little Less Conversation -Elvis Presley”

It is also the representative music of Oceans Eleven, which has been turned over and over again. If you are listening to this music for some reason, I will also feel like I want to feed my opponent nicely. “Little Less Conversation” did not achieve good results in 1968 and only ranked 69th in the United States. Even the movie “ Live A Little, Love A Little ”, which was inserted, was not successful. But as it was inserted into the movie, it became popular again. It is completed by the Nike advertisement, which was made by DJ Tom Tom Holkenberg (also known as JXL for those who have different tastes, or tastes). This song will be number one once again in the UK, and in the top of the British chart, the Beatles will be slightly ahead of the score of 18:17. In the Nike advertisement, famous soccer stars from Nike around the world, such as Hobert Carlos, Eric Cantona, Lewis Figo, Henri, and Ronalfino, have been used as a background music for their confrontation. The original song is good, but it is felt in the movie, but the sophisticated song is also 온라인바카라주소 very good.

Elvis Presley is called “The King” as one of the famous American cultural icons and one of the most famous musicians in the 20th century. There is an All Shook Up commemorating Elvis Presley, which plays his hit songs on the stage. V at the theater at 6 pm, so it’s a good idea to go. It is also recommended to listen to the 80th anniversary album released in 2015. Don Reedman, who was a band conductor at the time of his appearance at the Las Vegas Show, helped Elvis Presley’s original sound of the classic sound of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Although he was the king of Rock and Roll, he was an album where he can enjoy his versatile appearance from Kaspel to jazz and swing with the music of the orchestra.

*New Frontier Hotel (New Frontier Hotel and Casino)

-Ellvis debuted in April 1956. The hotel was opened in 1942 but closed 13 years ago.

*International Hotel

-Wed a wedding with Priscilla in May 1967. Received spotlights around the world through the wedding of the century

-The Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino is currently operated at the Hilton Hotel

-It was the largest hotel in the world until the 80s

-I lived for a long time in the 30th floor Pant House when Elvis performed.

“Misty, Moon River -Liberace”

In fact, if you haven’t seen a movie that this sweet music flows out of the world’s most difficult casino, you might be wondering if you haven’t seen the movie. This is a distinction from other crime movies. Based on the calm famous jazz songs, they will calmly commit crimes and create a happy ending. It is a complete crime in SIN City, not elsewhere.

Liberal is a famous pianist who has been word of mouth in a form of combining classical music and popular music. The case is more famous when I give up the path of the classic pianist and enter popular music. With his British appearance, he became a world -class star class, and from this time he insisted on his unique costume and production. He was more likely to be antagonistic for authentic classical workers and to the public with such splendor.

Meanwhile, in the 70s, the media reported him as a same -sex child, and Liver Lazi absolutely denied that he was homosexual. And he sued the media that made such a report. But in 1982, Scott Tosson, a former driver and lover, filed a lawsuit against River Lazi for a fellowship of his past lovers and eventually found that he was homosexual. In his later years, his popularity was not faded. He also appeared in SNL and Oprah Winfrey Show, and still played the main event as a surprise in Wrestlemania 1 held in 1985. By this time, however, he suffered AIDS and continued to suffer and died on February 4, 1987.

He is dealing with him in a man who loved the show (2013), so if he wants to understand his music and life. Ah, like this, is the director of the Oceans series. And Las Vegas also has his museum. The props needed for the movie were also taken here.

As an aside, he is said to be the most pianist pianist, which has earned more than $ 2 million in a 26 -week session activity in 1953. At that time, $ 2 million is about 18 million today, reaching about 20 billion won.

*Desert Inn

-Amnized casino operated from 1950 to 2000

-It was located between Desertin Road and Sands Avenue, and it was called D.I.

-In the first time, when Desertin opened, there was a restaurant called Sky Room, which had 300 rooms and chefs in Ritz Paris and Las Vegas Strip.

Desertin’s building was demolished in 2004, and Win Las Vegas and Angkor Las Vegas are now in place.

Frank Sinatra made his debut in Las Vegas as a regular player of Desertin in 1951, and later performed in Liverachi.

Howard Hous, a filmmaker and world -class rich man, took over the hotel when he was asked to leave from the hotel while staying in Desertin (1967–1988).

“Blues in the Night -Quincy Jones”

It is too hard to express the famous living legend in a short text. Netflix has a work called Quincy Jones’ Music and Life. It is strongly recommended that even people who are not interested in music can have fun. In short, I will describe him as the lord of the popular music world.

He was the first time in Trump Peter and was recognized as a film musician after learning classics in France. Above all, he should remember that he was the first to be nominated for the academy music for the first time in the history of black musicians. In addition, through numerous musicians/bands, Quincy Jones was constantly shooting a hit song. Among them, the achievements of Michael Jackson’s producer will not even need to emphasize.

I want to mention just three scenes. After being selected as the main character of the Kennedy Center Honors, Ray Charles, who was a lifelong friend, said, “I know I love you.” It was the scene that led the scene, and finally produced Bros. Johnson’s 1980 hit song STOP.

Quincy Jones and people

Hollywood’s representative producer Joe Francis, Casino Emperor Steve Win, and Pop music legend Quincy Jones have been in court. In 2012, the Los Angeles County High Court jury ruled that Francis, the creator of the adult series “Girls Gone Wild,” must reimburse the casino chaebol Win for $ 20 million. Francis was accused of slander, claiming that the Las Vegas Casino conglomerate tried to kill him.

For this peace, Francis and Win, as well as famous music producer Quincy Jones, testified that Quincy Jones sent an e -mail that Francis was trying to kill him.

Eventually, the Los Angeles County High Court jury discussed the case on July 7 after Win’s lawyer filed $ 12 million for mental pain and defamation. The jury judged that there was a malice in Francis’ actions, adding to the punishment, equalizing $ 20 million in damages. Although it is a fun relationship, it is not past, but the current progress is to know their fun life in the relationship between the rich and the celebs of the world.

*Steve Win and Las Vegas

He moved to Las Vegas in 1967 and began his mainstream distribution business and became the executive of Golden nurse in 1973, when he was thirty years old after remodeling the Golden Nugal Casino Hotel. He created a “high roller (high -value gambler) room, which bet more than $ 50,000, and attracted tourists by attracting Frank Sinatra performances, the most popular singer of the time.

In the 1980s, the company expanded its business to the Golden Nugal Atlanta Hotel and the Golden Nous Lafleen Hotel, and in 1989, it opened the Mirage Hotel with the astronomical amount of $ 630 million (about 700 billion won). . Michael Milken, the king of Junk Bond, made money. The first floor of the 30 -story hotel with the theme of the mirage and tropical forests, the first -floor aquarium, the dolphin and the tropical fish swimming slowly, and covering the 3049 rooms and the casino with gold and bronze. As the casino, who received a bulge of $ 2 billion (about 2.2 trillion won) in the first year, said that the Casino, who received a bulge of $ 2 billion in the first year, has been transformed into the same way. did.

Chairman Win sold Mirage Hotel in 2000 for $ 6.6 billion (about 7.3 trillion won) to the MGM Mirage Group. The Volcano Show of the Mirage Hotel, the Treasure Island Hotel ($ 430 million) and the ‘Cirque Du Soleil Show’ permanent performance transforms Las Vegas into the best comprehensive art stage and Bellagio Hotel (Bellagio Hotel) Renoir and Picasso paintings were exhibited for $ 1.6 billion in construction costs, and luxury images were incorporated into casinos. The Bellagio Hotel has become the origin of the Luxury Casino Hotel, including Venetian, Mandalay Bay, and Las Vegas, Paris.

The Win Las Vegas Hotel ($ 2.7 billion in construction), which opened in 2005, was selected as the largest building built with personal money in American history. Combined with the Angkor Las Vegas Hotel ($ 2.3 billion in construction) built next to the Win Las Vegas Hotel in 2008, there are 4750 rooms and 9000 employees.

It was a lord of Las Vegas in business, but it has been a long time since sexual scandal. The fall of President Win is due to the suspicion of sexual flight and sexual discrimination that broke out like a bot. For decades, they have been suspected of forcing female employees to have sex and similar sexual acts, and forced to lose weight on 10 female employees, and the whole United States has been dismissed by the nail manager, massage, and even forced sexual activity. He retreated from the Republican National Conference (RNC) finance chairman, and his honorary doctoral degree from his alma mater, Pennsylvania, was also deprived. The US media reported that President Win was the biggest manager who crashed into the #Metoo movement, which struck the world.

Is he too SIN City? Is the emperor’s emperor’s crime as an emperor?

Nevertheless, Las Vegas is the biggest person who has contributed to converting conventions and entertainment from casinos and crime to the year -round family tourist destination. If so, aren’t Joe Francis’s arguments wrong? It’s really fun. And Las Vegas

“Clair de lune -claude debussy”

It is a song that flows out of the gods of the last perfect crime of the film gathered to watch the fountain show of Bellagio. In addition to Oceans Eleven, a song used as a background of many movies and CFs. The piano melody, which sounds through the magnificent streams, is a song called ‘Clair de LUNE’. The music of French composer Chlod Debussy, who is called the founder of Impressionist music, is often considered difficult. It may be due to the characteristics of impressionist music that wants to freely express the instantaneous impressions and atmosphere of the martial arts and regular rhythms of the existing music world. I don’t know what Impressionist music is, but it’s faster because it is influenced by Impressionist paintings represented by Cezanne, Gogh, and Gauguin.

Is it like a sweet and bitter chocolate?

The medieval scales and Mars are exquisitely harmonized, and the one -moon scenery is expressed in elegant music and chords, and the melody is so beautiful. It is the third of the lyrical piano song ‘Berger Mask Collection’, which was published in 1890 by a young Debussy who was 28 years old and traveled to Vergamo, Italy.

It is a song that seems to be better if it was a song that would be better if it was a slow motion when it overlapped the main character who was shot by the moon and was shot by the moon. It feels like a sweet afterglow, but it looks like a sweet and bitter chocolate.

*Bellagio Hotel Fountain Show

-Bellagio’s Fountain Show is one of the best attractions at Las Vegas.

-The fountain of more than 1000 fountains in the pond in front of the Bellagio Hotel shows the fountain ballet according to the song.

-Weekday: Fountain show is every 30 minutes from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Fountain show is every 15 minutes from 8:00 pm to midnight

-Weekend: FOUNTAIN Show is every 30 minutes from Noon to 8:00 PM

Fountain show is every 15 minutes from 8:00 pm to midnight

-There are many background music of the fountain show, but personally

Singin ‘in the rain -Gene Kelly

The ECSTASY of Gold -Ennio Morricone

Con Te Partiro (Time to Say Goodbye) -The Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman is the most favorite.