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“Super sunny‼ ️ Autumn scent‼ ️ ”

Speaking of autumn, touring

And the fashionable season

Come on and on ️

It is open from 7 o’clock.

Fucking rain yesterday.

If you do something, it’s Bisabisha.

There are many blood vessels.

Sunny this morning

Out a completed car for drying inside the store.

It will come in a lot again tomorrow.

I’ll heal more and more.

I’m going to Australia again early next year, so I’m going to go.

I rarely go out of my motorcycle.

Now unavoidable.

Never hit ultraviolet rays. Even my favorite machine fusion.

Kuroneko driver

“Is it really fast today?”


“Yeah, I feel like I feel”

“And depends on the sun”


The rewards for yourself will arrive more and more.

I have to do my best now ️

The old man’s fashion is “leather items”.

Let’s invest more and more and stay in front of a man who is popular with young women

To do so, you need “effort”.

Saint Laurent Espadrille

You can wear it well, or you can wear sandals with your heels.

Outstanding even with shorts made of linen material. ️

Even if you feel a little loose T -shirt on the title pants, it will be cool and cool.

This is also there. ️

Fashion is deep.

If you learn fashion, you can use it for motorcycles.

Sense, balance, etc.

Bare feet life‼ ️

Super comfortable ~

Brand new?

I don’t trust it.

It is natural that it is a new one for Italian food.

Because it is a new one, the idea of ​​Japanese products is natural.

Rather, scratches, different colors, and mistakes such as new Italian products are natural.

I will do what I can do before the owner comes.

These “invisible work”

It is an overwhelming difference in running.

The owner while doing so.

We are strict with time.

People who can’t keep time lose their trust.

It’s not just good.

Greet the opponent’s rotor firmly,

“I’m a newcomer, but thank you for your cooperation.”

It is an image that is assembled in a low posture.

Carefully and carefully.

“I can’t do it in quick, it’s a custody.”

Well, normally

“It’s such a simple work quick”

It’s more strange.

It’s a very important task to keep your life.

When folding, the maintenance is scheduled to be a mass check -in‼ ️

From other customers

“Caliper bolt, why not change titanium?”


“Bakayaro‼ If you can change it to titanium, you can’t do it.”

“Balance is important, this is a lighter machine, and inverted. At this point there is considerable rigidity.

Titanium because I put racing? There is no such equation. If you use titanium bolt, the area around the caliper will be ultra -high rigidity. In that case, the balance between brake control and chassis will be out of balance before braking.

If you compare it, it is like attaching a heavy metax to a bow arrowhead (tip).

Not only that, all balance is lost.

It doesn’t run properly just by putting a inverted bike on the bike of the established fork.

If you make a radial mount, you can’t talk.

It’s not too much dressing up at the Buddhist altar.

Brake operation It should be safe and secure while enjoying playing the piano in the distant finger.

Inverted in, radial mount,

If you brake now, will you make a jack knife? Isn’t it an operation like going down a steep slope on a rainy day, like slipping down from the front?

I’m wrong.

Well, I’ll keep it. “

The important thing is the balance between the material and the material, and the total balance.

It’s always beautiful ️

And the condition is also the best. ️

It will be fashionable day by day.

Originally a new Okada collection‼ ️

Ultra rare.

Sunny weather without clouds

The scent is autumn.

The sky is connected all over the world. ️

Thanks! ️

Remaining 15mm‼ ️

A balance set of perfect chassis, suspension and engine.

I’m not scared at all. ️ It’s fun and I can’t help it.

Thank you.

The owner is super lightweight.

Still, I caught the road surface firmly and was tight.

The rotor is telling.

When this 4 -piece pad caliper is rated, the piston will fall apart, so it is unlikely that the rotor will face the pad so beautifully.

People lie

Bikes do not lie.

I don’t like it.

This Bost Rom is actually originally my favorite machine

The most fashionable 916.

I want to collect 916 owners and other parts.

So that everyone can ride safely and securely.

In Australia, we want aluminum shaving parts and external products.

Conversely, Japan wants a genuine pearl to maintain

I want to change this opinion to export imports well

If you put only parts in the carry back, NG will come out at the airport

I will study more and more export imports.

Everything is for customers who come to B-Garage

I will take 916 and other BIMOTA.

Forever Challenge‼ ️

There is only a move forward. ️

I will do my best as long as my body continues. ️

Beautiful ❤️

Passed through‼ ️

I have to ride in such a fine weather.

The meaning of doing insomnia and irritation.

Thank you for coming to get it.

It’s the best, so please ride a lot ️

Thank you! ️

Come on on weekdays.

I have to do it now ️

I’ll do it ️

Of course! ️

Once a new one is gripped, the oil on the surface? Is out and rusted.

I don’t like it.

I polish every time.

Rabbar treatment.

Everything is Lubtech ️

Are you not using it yet?

That’s Yabe ~

It’s a waste of time.

Grip and inner for Tsurichi.

Mummy? I don’t like it.

This grip is the best, but since it is a hard rubber, it is difficult to replace it.

Moreover, this inner 카지노 is special (different opening) and thicker, so it is even more troublesome.

It took 30 minutes to steady because of sweating.

It was the most troublesome.

I decided to see the white socks worn by students, even though I decided on a cool suit.

It is ugly to be amateur.

The white is expanded, so as you can see in the image, it looks like the inner pops out, even though it is a torchi, right?

So I don’t like it.

paint! ️

I dare make it dirty as you can see in the image.

perfect! ️

I am thorough in detail so that I do not ashamed of the name of the racing.

My commitment.

ISA’s commitment has not changed since ancient times.

Compared to that, Afam …

The hard -aluminum era, which used old French steel, was the best.

Now it can be cut like a cookie.

That alone has such a lightweight machine to friction resistance

No matter how much the best chain is put in, the splendor of the chain is meaningless in a sprocket that can be sharpened.

Only by understanding the compatibility between the chain and the sprocket, the power that is demonstrated from the engine is transmitted to the road surface.

Stop the useless custom (gold discard) and first set up your own.

Although it is the same size, the performance will leap just by making it an ISA.

It’s not too much to say.

I’m not selling flirting to ISA.

why? Because B-garage is OK to bring in parts.

That’s why these parts are wonderfully arranged by customers.

It’s not a profit.

I want to stick to the real thing.

* All carry -on fees will be charged.

* Tires and oil cannot be brought in.

The nut is a special product.

If you don’t know, you’ll get angry.

However, the owner arranged a dedicated size and kept the tools by B-Garage.

There is nothing wrong with it‼ ️

Speedy & solid work is possible

Maintenance is rhythm.

It’s no good to take months.

Freshness is life.

“I can still use it”

Just shorten the life of your favorite machine.

And if you notice it, it costs a huge amount of money.

If you always do maintenance, your favorite machine is always healthy and secure.

Which of this small play is fixed to?

Carefully and carefully.

Do you understand?

This slight difference changes drastically.

It is a stopping balance that can be stopped and safe and secure with a single finger. So if you do a hard brake test, you will lie down on a sofa for several hours. Instead of OK with your hands, the rear brake is put on the Achilles tendon and weight with your feet on it. If there are too few plays, the feeling of the winter feet will slow down, so you will have a “drag” without knowing it. It cannot be wasted to reduce rare genuine rotors that are not available. * Especially Bimota DB1SR. It’s similar but different from YB.

The Japan Badminton Association committed an unprecedented blunder. Daiki Midorikawa and Natsu Saito, who were scheduled to participate in the Japanese representative of the mixed doubles in the “Japan Open”, which opened on August 30, was affected. It was discovered that the association had registered her sister Shiori Saito, not Natsu Saito, not Natsu Saito, and they could not go to the tournament. Sports paper reporters are amazed. [Image] An apology interview held in the 2012 Dark Casino issue “Badminton is determined to participate in the Olympics and the World Championship in the world ranking. The Japan Open has a high point, and even lost the first match. What can be left and right? “The problem is that the association did not spontaneously published it. “Former Japanese national team Kenichi Tago accuses the association’s mistake on Youtube on August 28. The release of the problem on SNS has finally released on the 31st after the opening.” Before the same), on the other hand, Tago raised the stock at all … “He is blonde on YouTube, and it looks like he’s nearly 100 kilometers. It was shocking as a person who knew the active era.” The care of his junior was also 파워볼실시간 good. However, just before the Rio Olympics in 2016, it was discovered that he was gambling with Kento Momoda at a dark casino in Kinshicho. He received an indefinite registration delinquency by the association, and his NTT East Japan belonged was also fired. After disposal, go to Malaysia. What is your current job? “After the disposal, I went to Malaysia, I belonged to the country’s” Ptarin BC “and went to the league. In the 2017” Friday “interview, I did not get any gala and became a dormitory. He says that he is living. After that, he was out of the game around 19 years, and was established a “TAGO Academy” to provide lessons on the spot. ” Active as YouTuber. His channel has about 90,000 registrants, with hundreds of thousands of regeneration videos. “It is generally said that the monthly advertising revenue is about the number of registrants x 10 yen. Tago also has an online salon of 11,000 yen per month. There will be some income.” In fact, the reputation in the badminton world is not bad. “Even when the dark casino was discovered, I covered Momota and my juniors and took full responsibility. In addition, there are things related to badminton, such as training methods and explanations of tournaments. Many players are referring to. Local clubs. However, it is accepted in the badminton world, such as teaching, and this accusation is pitiful to young players (association officials), but the appearance changes, but it is still a junior. “Weekly Bunshun” editorial department / Weekly Bunshun September 15, 2022