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“” KINNPORSCHE “EP.09 Medium Susume Chasing+miscellaneous feeling * Spoilers

This is the second part of EP.09.

If you are not seen in the first half, please click here

“KINNPORSCHE” EP.09 Part 1 Muscle chasing+miscellaneous feeling * Spoilers

So, please be careful …

This site is “Don and Koi!” If it is homosexual, and it does not praise some sexual orientation (laughs), but some lack of balance in selecting works. I am.

For someone, it may include inappropriate themes, sensational words and images. I’m sorry 💦

As usual, please understand the full -fledged spoilers and the above precautions, and only for those who are OK.


รัก โคตร ร้ สุด ท้ โคตรรัก โคตรรัก โคตรรัก

~ Tawan room ~

Tawan is arranged by cutting the sleeves of the paid T -shirt.

This kind of depiction also shows Tawan’s “becoming a person” to this (viewer).

Porsche came in with a meal there.

Poi, the cut sleeves fly in front of you, and it can’t be helped.

Still, put up and put the tray on the table.

Tawan “Sankyu”

Porsche stands on the window side silently, as it is.

Tawan “Did you eat?”

Porsche “…”

Tawan “(because of me) Isn’t that …”

Kinn comes in there.

Tawan looks happily watching Kinn.

Kinn to give a mobile phone.

KINN “I found it on the river. It was broken, but I repaired it.”

I don’t know if Kinn shot around the river, or to have died around the river (Tawan dared to die).

To be honest, I often don’t understand.

Tawan to receive.

To put it simply, Kinn tries to get out.

Tawan “Can you still use it?”

Kinn stops.

Porsche is looking at it, keeping silent behind.

Even Kinn doesn’t notice the shot gaze, right?

When the power is turned on, Tawan shows a photo shown by two people, “Kinn … kinn … do you remember this?”

Tawan “Is it Japan?”

KINN “… Korean”

Tawan “Was it Japan? If you don’t believe it, I’ll show you other photos … look.”

Porsche is desperately trying to look down from behind.

😢 😢

Looking at a few photos, Tawan was intentionally saying, “Oh, yes, it’s Korea.”

Kinn “Oh, it’s Korea”

Porsche is frustrated behind.

Tawan “Do you remember? This was the first time I went to see autumn leaves together.

Porsche turns back as soon as I can’t hear it anymore.

Tawan “I’m tired of walking around.”

Kinn “No, I’m not lost”

Tawan “I’m lost. I won’t let you say different.”


At last, Kinn is returning to the old days.

Tawan “That’s right. Why don’t you remember, kinn?”

Tawan grabs Kinn’s hand casually.

This is nothing but to show off to Porsche, who is giving a strong negative aura behind.

Tawan “I guess I got lost for a long time …”


Tawan “That’s right! 💕”

Ahhhhhh, shut up, let go, let go!

Don’t be happy to stand happily! Don’t make a sweet voice!

This guy is like a prisoner!

Do you still continue? (smile)

It looks like you can.

Porsche “That’s right!”

Kinn suddenly calls out and quickly retracts.

Porsche “Is there a meeting? Kinn?”

KINN “… What kind of meeting was it?”

Danna -san, I’m laughing too much, laughing.

Oh, can’t you say acting? 。 。

Or is it really unprecedented if you really say something unexpected?

Porsche “Please remember”

Porsche to hit the temple with a ton.

In this world, there is nothing terrible than the honorific of the bride (Porsche). (smile)

KINN “…”

Porsche “… …

KINN “… Oh, yes. It was a meeting. You didn’t say that too! Meeting … Meeting …”

Kinn leaves the room while doing poorly deceiving.

Tawan “Conference, do your best, kinn”

From behind, Porsche sees Tawan coldly calling Kinn.

Only when you are in the blind spot of Tawan is the only time you expose the true expression.

When the bang and the door close, the atmosphere changes completely.

Porsche stands on the window and stands on the window.

In fact, you have to prepare your feelings.

Finally, Tawan starts eating on the bed.

Tawan says, “Umm, it’s the usual taste. It’s a nostalgic familiar taste.”

Porsche “(with a whisper), eat silently, shit!”

TAWAN smiles with a happy porsche state.

~ Tankhun’s room ~

Today’s KHUN Bot is a vividly used one and a stable route!

Kinn standing beside it.

KHUN Bot is watching a surveillance camera video in Tawan’s room on a PC. 。

Tankhun “What is this, what are you, you haven’t seen?

For KHUN Bot, the appearance of Tawan, which is exercising, looks only obscene (laughs)

Tankhun “This is not a shutter, it’s my home! I’m sorry, wow, what is this guy!

KHUN Bot, who is excited by Kinn with great excitement.

Kinn “Then, how about a good adult man who keep watching the video of the surveillance camera all day?”

Instead of blaming Tawan together, Kinn, who complains to him, is angry!

Tankhun “Wow ~~~~! A little! You! How stupid is it! It’s not that you’re not sure. Be careful, you’ll be hurt again. I’ll be. “

Kinn is listening to Tankhun’s advice with a tired expression.

Tankhun “Anyway, before doing something, first think about your loved ones first.”

I was in! ! !

What do you mean? Kinn thinks weirdly.

I’m bald.

Tankhun “Wow, look at this. Oh, get angry!”

Large legs!

I’ll do it.

Porsche, the position development, I have to do my best! 🙈

Tankhun “This guy is not good !!”


Tankhun’s fuss will not stop for a while.

~ Hambar ~

Hahaha, Porsche appeared with a more wonderfully visible fruit basket than the other day’s souvenirs.

Pour your bangs and are girl mode

Moreover, the bar is during business hours.

Bartender “Oh, come, p ‘”

Porsche “Yo!”

Porsche greets a junior bartender.

Porsche “Oh, are you thriving?”

YOK, who was serving customers, noticed porsche.

Yok “Oh, you are again. I came again, and with another basket. So, this time, I came out of me, Kinn, how to open it. Did you get it? “

Question attack!

Porsche, I’m laughing.

Porsche “I said I had a breast augmentation surgery.”

YOK “Breast augmentation surgery? Don’t you think it’s big enough?”

It’s time to think about the decent translation first when you get out. (smile)

YOK “Oh … I have a sad eye. So?”

Kyorokyoro and Porsche where the surroundings are restless.

I don’t want to be asked and can’t be asked, so I’m going to pay close attention to Porsche.

YOK “Otoko, isn’t the disturbance appearing, isn’t it?”

Great hit!

Porsche hits Yok, who speaks with ordinary tones, but hits his arms.

YOK “What is it?”

Porsche “That … not …

YOK “So what happened? Tell me”

Porsche hides more.

Porsche “How about making Kinn jealous?”

A sister who decides immediately.

YOK “No! (Recent), there is nobody who does that anymore. How many couples do you think is broken? OK? Let’s do it in my way. I’m sorry! Woofu! Don’t worry … Believe it! “

YOK with plenty of confidence.

Porsche is impressed by the warm words.

It’s hard to fall in love while holding various things.

In particular, Porsche is a type that you can think of in your heart. 。

I can’t tell anyone, it’s painful. 。 。

I’m just happy to be a friend.

Thank you, I’ll worship.

YOK “Stop, Mizukusai! Well, what do you drink?”

Yok “Stop being sad”

Sister, I love you!

~ Pete and Porsche room-

By the way, what are your sister’s advice?


White shirt and white socks (& white yellowtail) …

And this image! (Laughs) ← Absolutely, you’re aiming to enlarge!

Porsche’s pants were overweared with a slightly larger white yellowtail, and I always thought it was like a dancing babe (laughs).

Depending on what you see, play. 🙊 ← Really shut up!

The person himself is sloppy. (Absolutely, this is APO -kun’s drawer)

(By the way, the rust from about 1’10 ” flows to the ↑ Norinori scene ♪)


Porsche enters the blanket of the sofa while answering the sound of the knock and hurriedly answering “Please”.

Kinn in the gown came in.

Barely, the nipples are hidden, but they don’t have to have the front body. (smile)

KINN “Are you okay?”

what? Is it a sick strategy?

Porsche is glanced at the blanket and answers.

Porsche “Not so …”

It seems to be a coughing.

Anxiously, Kinn sits on the sofa, puts his hand on 바카라사이트/a> his neck, and heats up.

Kinn “Did you take the medicine?”

Porsche “It looks like no”

Kinn starts removing the button on the Porsche shirt.

Porsche “Pete is not tonight. I watch a movie with tankhun all night … I have to wait and wait.”

Kinn “Then, I go …”

Porsche grabs Kinn’s arm standing up.

Ku ~~, this angle, perfect, 👌

Porsche “I don’t need it …”

YOK “Women’s secret technique:

1. Even if it is strong, sometimes, make a weak swing. “

Porsche “If you really want to help, just wipe your body.”

KINN “Do you want me to do so?”

Porsche nodded.

Porsche remains again, saying, “I understand … I’m going to get a towel.”

Already, the color gimmicks are in (laughs)

Porsche “I don’t need it. I’m ready …”

Certainly, a bowl and a towel on the desk … (smile)

Kinn stands up and puts a towel in water while thinking that it is strangely good.

In that gap, Porsche takes off the shirt.

While squeezing, looking back, “If you take off your shirt …”, he was already half -naked and standby.

Porsche coughing on purpose.

YOK “Women’s secret technique:

2. Take the initiative. I’ll be confused by the other person with unexpected hands and attack! “

Kinn approaches with a towel while twisting his neck.

Start wiping Porsche’s body.

KINN “Raise your arms”

Every time, Porsche responds exaggeratedly, such as “oh ~~ 💓”.

KINN “You’re okay?”

When you touch the skin, it reacts with “Wow ~ U -💗” and “Uhhu ~ ⤴️”.

The play of the pant voice is not so sexy at all, and I am more and more suspicious by Kinn (laughs).

It seems that it has become more interesting.

Porsche “Kinn … it’s cold”

Kinn “Oh, I understand, I understand, let’s put a blanket …”

Porsche controls standing up. ← 3rd time.

It is the final stage.

Porsche “I’m …”

While saying so, he reached out to Kinn’s magnum, and he thought, “I think this is warm.”

KINN “Because you’ll be sick today …”

Porsche sinks a gentle Kinn on the sofa and becomes a horse riding.

Porsche “But do you like it?”

At all … I wonder if I needed the advice of YOK sister.

What is different from the usual two people? (smile)

But I don’t think YOK sister knows the porsche of the bread festival (laughs)

At the point, Pete, who shouldn’t be overnight, came back.

Anyway, Porsche hides Kinn by sticking a blanket.

Pete who doesn’t know anything, drunk, I’m in a good mood.

Pete “Kamsahamnida ~~”

Pete falls down on the floor and bows deeply.

Today was a Korean historical drama drama knight.

Porsche “Did you say that you’ll be watching the drama all night?”

Pete, who gets up, manages to endure nausea and drinks.

Pete “I don’t want to waste …”

Pete begins to explain while being drunk.

Pete “I was watching the drama with KHUN Bot. Seeing a boy drinking alcohol, I also wanted to drink … and then KHUN Bota fell asleep. It was gone ~~~ ♪ Haha ~~ “

When sitting on the sofa, Pete grabs Kinn’s feet from the blanket.

Pete “Hey, porsche. Why is your feet so long today?”

Porsche “You just don’t see it properly”

Pete “Oh, I look like I drank too much. You should sleep …”

Pete stands up and heads to the bedroom.

Pete “Holiday. Saran Heyo ~, A ~ Lira ~ N”

Yes yes (laughs)

Batan and door opened, turned over the blanket immediately, and fresh air for Kinn with lack of oxygen … (laughs)

KINN “So what do you do next?”

Porsche “Now …”

KINN “But this guy is still fine.”

Porsche “Ba -ka …”

Both of them are blurred, loyal to their desires (laughs)

At that time, the door opened suddenly with the loud voice of Pete, “Hey!”

Pete “Let’s talk about the drama I saw.

It’s fine, it’s an atmosphere that can’t be said. (smile)

Because it is good.

Pete “The last is …”

Then, Pete falls down on the desk.

Porsche who looks at the situation.

This state is dangerous (laughs)

Porsche “Hey, Pete! … Hey!”

Kinn calls out from the blanket for the time being while calling out the Pete.

I like Kinn and Porsche’s “Nikoichi” feeling, looking back and looking at Pete.

Relatively, the bed scene is an aggressive muscle pride or a showground, but these two are both attractive (laughs).

“Let’s turn early >> Pete …

Pete “Ha ~~~!”

The two stopping the mazomozo movement.

Once again, Pete, who is asleep and shouts out loud, shouts “Hajima ~~~ (stop)”.

If you listen to the screen without looking at the screen, you’re saying Hajima! _ (^^;) ゞ


After a while, after all, the two people start in full -fledged and start in earnest. 。 。 🤭

~ Lounge ~

Well … another day?

Or continuity?

If you look at the whistling and feel good, after that? (smile)

Anyway, when Porsche comes to get a drink, the drink bar will appear in Tawan.

Porsche looks around and notices that there is no escort.

Porsche “What is KEN?”

Tawan “I’m sleeping if it’s KEN. I wake up, it’s bad … I couldn’t sleep, and I came to drink warm milk.”

yeah? Is KEN falling asleep? I feel stupid about my mission, but is there such a thing? If you are caught, will you not go? (Bitter smile)

Porsche “…”

Tawan “Can you sleep too? Porsche …”

At a glance, Tawan looks at Porsche.

Porsche “…”

As much as possible, tawan is a porsche that keeps you from talking.

In Porsche, Tawan and Vegas are completely different. I feel that the line is clear.

Tawan drinks a bite of milk.

Tawan “Porsche, what are you afraid of? I’m trying to deceive Kinn … or another?”

Porsche laughs with his nose without answering immediately.

I’m desperate to shake me …

Are you drinking the same thing as Tawan?

Porsche “It’s delicious …”

In that case, put the spoon in your mouth into the Tawan cup.

Leave the place.

Does this resemble milk as kinn?

You already have another spoon, so you can’t drink it?

Either way, you’ve clearly show your hostile attitude.

However, I don’t feel like fighting between women because Tawan loves KINN, so I can’t feel one millimeter.

Tawan smiles with a smile.


~ In front of the temple ~

As Kinn says, Pete, a mushroom hair that follows VEGAS.

By all means, it is a tail, but it is.

On the way, Pete contacts Kinn.

Pete “Kinn, Vegas went to a casino in the morning and had lunch. I don’t know clearly …”

Kinn “OK. Be careful. Don’t notice that we are monitoring.”

Pete “Yes …”

When I hang up the phone and continue to look at the temple, I suddenly pushed my back from behind and jumped up and jumped up.

Pete “Hello, Vegas … but Macau …”

Macau “I was watching that. No way, don’t say that Tankhun brother is here. Where is Tankhun brother?”

Pete is struggling with the answer.

There, Vegas grabs Pete’s shoulder.

VEGAS “I don’t think so. Pete, I’m alone …”

If you notice, the lamb 🐑 is sandwiched between the wolf × 2. 。 。

Macau “Oh, there is no such punishment like Tankhun brother, but I’m sure it’s a big fuss.”

Ahaha is so empty that Pete has no choice but to laugh like macau.

Macau “So why are you here? Pete?”

For a moment, Pete is trying to deceive it today, but today is a holiday, and when he comes to accumulate virtue.

Macau “Oh, just right. We came to hear the monster’s sermon in the afternoon.

The tone and the words ass are calm, but both Vegas and macau are holding down Pete.

Macau “I don’t know what my brother is thinking recently. Suddenly, I’m crazy about Dharma …”

* Derma (Dharma) = Concepts on religions originated in India (Hindu, Buddhism, Jain, etc.) and philosophy in general.

Macau “Well, come with me”

Pete “Oh … I have an errand … hurry …”

Macauu who holds it down.

VEGAS “Wait. You said it was a holiday. Did you try to keep the virtue here?”

Yeah, I just said so.

Macau “Is it okay? It’s good to listen to the sermon. Let’s go. Oh … the temple here is interesting. Well, I entered …”

By all means, I am abducted. 。 。

Pete “Um … please wait, please …”

Pete is taken into the temple so that Vegas and Macau brothers are dragged.

~ Headquarters ~

During the sermon, Macau is lying on a pillar and sleeping deeply.

At the temple, this is loose (laughs)

Vegas is seriously listening to the sermon.

When Pete himself went to a branch house, he worshiped it spontaneously, so I think he was religious, so I wonder if there is something that can communicate.

Bo -sama: “Life that prosperes and prospering will come to those who take care of the Buddha’s teachings. Teaching brings you a sense of mind. The first lesson guides you in life. The second lesson is … “

While worshiping, Pete asks a small voice, “Vegas, do you like to listen to the sermon?”

VEGAS “Isn’t that good? Your heart should be calm and calm. Is it different? Pete”

It is a person who can not get it.

Bo -sama “So, so far, then, we’ll turn the water of dedication and blessing.”

Isn’t Pete crossing?

If you receive the wash and put it in front, Pete is sitting correctly.

Pete “VEGAS, let’s make another watering? I’m going to get it.”

VEGAS “We should do tumbun (dedicated) together. In that way, we should be able to meet each other again in the afterlife.”

Even if you say that, it’s a Pete, but Vegas’s hand is attached to your back.

With that alone, PETE is hardened with an overwhelming feeling of restraint that cannot escape anywhere.

Pete that atrophy and sturdy bibs on VEGAS’s gaze. 🤭

As it is, clean it with a wash, and pray together.

VEGAS “Would you like to flush the water?”

Pete “Yes …”

Pete with the water of the cup on the outside planting.

It was the same when Vegas was touched, but there is something.

If you have to be firm, shake your head and go back … no one is there.

Pete picks up a note attached to the wash.

Also, don’t forget to build virtue together. That way, you can meet each other well in the afterlife.


Pete is regrettable when he escapes.

★ [EP 09] Miscellaneous feeling of the second part ★

I know both Kinn and Porsche.

Right now, I have to be tricked to let the enemy Tawan be careless and give evidence.

I’m not sure what to say, but probably before the battle with Tawan, whatever, whatever, whatever you do, you won’t get involved in the tasks given, Well, don’t give it out, was he said so much?

That said, it’s not a robot of each other, so I roll up with emotions.

It is honest, the yakimochi is jealous, and the stuffy is not suppressed.

Already, KHUN Bot!

The remarks are becoming more and more “decent”.

But I noticed Porsche properly! 🙌

As I wrote in the first part, there are many uncertainties in order to definitely take BIG as an inner person.

Both the poisoned water and the sleep at the time of the lookout also have a discomfort with Ken behind the movement of Tawan.

I doubt anything from one end.

At the face value, you should look honestly, no, don’t wait, you have a lot of things, but you don’t have to ride.

But now, Pete’s actions may be more mysterious.

I think it’s not just a fear of a powerful person, but an occasional insert to insert a harsh expression, but I think it’s quite pulled.

★ [Ep.09] Following the second part ★

“Monster Hunter Sun Break”, Heppoko Solo Hunter Struggle.

The quest of the meeting place M ★ 6 was cleared alone, but it was clear without any problems without hitting the wall.

The three and four multi -head quests that were said to be troublesome were clearly cleared.

But that’s it.

But that’s it.

But that’s it!

Finally, the remuneration has become more than 10,000, but the “Four Beasts of different people” (Bishtengo variants + Isonemikuni subspecies + Oromidro subspecies + yatsukadaki variations) are cleared. I did it. 1. No Otsu. One shot clear.

I cleared it, but I used to change weapons, armor, and Otomo weapons and armor in the middle of the quest.

No, it’s natural. It’s natural to re -equip weapons and armor according to your opponent, right?

I thought?

However, the time to change is time loss. In the past work Monhan, no matter how many opponents, they could not 휴대폰바카라 change their weapons or armor. So, in that case, I usually went with poison or blast attribute.

Next is “I can’t control the bad song.” Tigarex + Gore Magara + Rizex + Magai Magad in the arena.

Four in the arena … You’ll be hunting at the same time, right?

That means it is better to change both weapons and armor! ?

At Rise, I used almost non -attribute single -handed swords, Hinin Jasodes.

I like attribute weapons. I love. One -handed sword was a place where it competed with attribute values ​​in exchange for attack power.

The Hinin Jasode, like an attack power game, a sword, but treated as a blunt instrument, was not my favorite, but it was strong … it was strong. I’m sorry.

It’s easy. Above all, the strength of this sword is 100%of the worthwhile ratio.

So I made it in a hurry. Master of Ninja, a non -attribute one -handed sword. Publishing, slot expansion.

Weapon Master Obuninja (non -attribute one -handed sword)


Head Silver Sol Helm

Body Rex X Mail

Arm Kushana X Hatu

Waist Kushana X Anda

Legs Angry Hakama

Attack power 305

100% critical rate

Defense power 801


Defense Lv7

Earplug Lv5

Super Kingy Lv3

Avoidance distance UP LV3

Wind pressure resistance Lv3

Stunning resistance Lv3

Challenger Lv5

Benefits of steel shell lv3

Business Lv2

Recovery speed Lv2

Destruction King Lv2

Full charge Lv1

Revitalization Lv1


I thought that there was no castle to be sharpened, so I wanted to add a whetstone speed or work, so I was a business.

Let’s benefit from the equipment of Kushal. Ignore the resistance of the attribute! !

Otomo’s weapon is a blast attribute made from Bazelgius of Guren Nantoka.


One shot clear! !

I don’t want to admit.

I don’t want to admit … Ninja Sword is strong … Despite the non -attribute …! !