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A good way to enjoy Macau

Pleasure Club Lounge staying at the hotel

For 3 nights and 4 days travel

I had to use Incheon International Airport.

Macau section departing from Daegu and Busan

All of them were late for dinner.

Especially the hotel’s time was too bad

So I used air macau

Many people know Air Macau as LCC

It is a airline that provides FSC.

As an aircraft departing at 7:40 in the morning

At a low price of 95,000 won one way

I booked a ticket.

#Incheon International Airport

In addition, Incheon International Airport

I’ve come again after my trip to Europe.

I have to come again next month.

On 바카라사이트 the dawn limousine departing from Dongdaegu after work

Incheon International Airport arrived around 5 am.

#Sky Herb Lounge

Lounge that can be entered with a diners card

There are two locations in Terminal 1.

Eat simply in a glass of beer from the morning

There is not long time to board the boarding gate.

#Air Macau

It’s time to arrive at Macau around 11 o’clock at 7:40:

I think it’s a good time.

I’m a little tired.


It’s short, but kimchi comes out

Sweet pineapple is also available for dessert.

I drank Macau Bear too, but the scent was so strong

I was going to eat kimchi fried rice.

I felt so much …

After a few drinks, I put it down.

#Parisian Hotel

At Macau International Airport

Sofitel I booked was not a hotel limousine.

So on a limousine to Sheraton

I decided to see Taipa for a while.

I can see the Eiffel Tower.

I want to be Paris.

Venetian Hotel also stopped by limousine.

Originally in Belkan Kao in Four Season

I tried to eat a lunch buffet

It is planned to use the club lounge from the afternoon

The buffet gave up and moved to the hotel.

Opposite Macau Ferry Terminal

I used a hotel limousine

Was it because of the Grand Prix period

Only through the corridor to ride the limousine.

I was very embarrassed at first.

I didn’t see that limousine.

And every hotel

There is a different place to board, so check the milestones.

It is better to board.

Unlike the large limousine of Taipa’s large hotel

I’m on a 12 -seater bus to Sofitel on a small bus

Sofitel Hotel in Senado Square

A good location for walking in the city.

#Sofitel Macau Ponte 16 MACAU

Hotel selection in Macau is

I’m really worried.

You can use a 5 -star hotel at a reasonable price.

As the casino business, the price of the hotel and the price of the hotel

The restaurant price in the hotel is also fine.

So far, JW Marriott and Galaxy Hotel

And I did a stay at Sheraton and Landmark

This time I used Sofitel.

The merit of Sofitel’s club lounge was enormous.

I wanted to use the Four Season, but the room was full for a month ago

The newly opened Morpius Hotel is a huge.

Check in on the club desk on the 17th floor

I was assigned to the room on the 17th floor.

Amenity was Hermes.

The room is not so wide, but something cozy

The warm feeling seems to come well

The view was good.

The view in the room is seen in China.

With my travel companion removal.

A swimming pool seen in the room

No one swims.

It wasn’t good to enjoy swimming.

When checking in

I stopped by the lounge to eat afternoon tea starting at 3 o’clock.

But I can’t forget the views I see in the lounge.

#Sofitel Club Lounge

I had been staying in the club room in the Sheraton

There are 3,000 rooms, so how wide the club lounge is

The evening Happy Hour was no less than a hotel buffet.

Sofitel’s lounge is not so wide

It’s simple, but thanks to that, the staff were really kind.

Afternoon tea, which has been enjoying for a long time

I remember it was so good to have custard cream in fashion fruz.

I also liked the cool ice rate and the cake with matcha.

It’s a very contrasting city.

Sleeping and an example place

It’s with Hong Kong.

#Loja das conservas

From Portugal from the water

Package pretty canned

I came to buy a few things to put on the salad when I was party.

It’s close to the Sofitel Hotel.

That means that Senado is also close to the square.

It was said that the octopus was the most famous

It was $ 95 for one barrel.

I bought some tuna and tuna.

You must buy more than $ 300 to use your credit card.

The staff are also friendly.

Please also recommend the product and recommend

I speak Korean a little.

I feel gratitude for tuna, octopus, sardines, olives, and so on.

#Felicida Street

Buy Cannives and walk to Senado Square

The streets of the thieves are the location of Felicida.

There are a lot of delicious smells on both sides.


Sena also passes the square, but many people

I go with a fruit car

I was so curious.

On the way up to St. Paul’s cathedral, he was at the end of the jerky street.

I wanted to drink so I sang a song.

I turned on the fire and found it.

The professional shoe in the picture is soft, sweet and sued

It was good for snacks because I ate with Ti.

How good the fruit car was.

I put sliced ​​fruits and jasminti

It was perfect for the wet and hot macau weather.

Look at the cup with a sense.

There is also a fork to drink everything and eat fruit.

If you come to Korea again … it will be expensive.

It was about $ 40 here.

After all, many tourist destinations

I was embarrassed because it was the first time that many were so many.

Many people damage

I in Macau

Go to the place you like.

It comes to the side of St. Paul Cathedral.

This is this place.

The picture is also very good in the colorful building

2 years ago walking in every corner of Macau

I found it by chance

Even when I came with my friends last year

I took a lot of pretty pictures here.

Green and pink are very good.

Nowadays I fall into the color of Malacite

It’s really green.

Beoplay P2 and phone case are also green.

On my way back to the hostel, I stopped by the mart for a while

Buy Kowloon Daily Bill Milk

On the way you passed by at a local restaurant

I bought cheap food.

My favorite Krispy fork

Due to soup, vegetables and rice

It was just $ 23, but it was really delicious.

It was a snack, but I was also hungry

I don’t have to eat and eat expensive at Ray Garden.

Sofitel Hotel Happy Hours than I thought

I went to buy it again and it was a pity that the door was closed.

On the way to see the swimming pool of the Sofitel Hotel for a while

I met with Gonb Clico and Moethangdong I met

Hong Kong International Airport Silver Chris Lounge

Moet Chandon drank a lot …

#Enjoy Happy Hour

Unlimited alcohol and unlimited alcohol from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Some foods are ready.

After 7 o’clock, cocktails and alcohol are offered at a 50% discount.

It’s great to keep it in advance before that.

After all, the night view in the club lounge is also great.

It is a view that can be drunk.

If you order a cocktail, make it

It also creates a necktail without alcohol.

The food is ready for fairy.

The sparkling wine was fine, so I drank about 4 glasses.

Impressive service that fills when it is empty

Shrimp and shrimp in chili sauce

It was a good harmony between Hamon and Hami.

There was also egg tart

There are also black sapphires that are my favorite fruits these days

It was great.

#Cha verde

The ordered cocktail is on the vodka base

Wagon, pineapple juice and honey went in

The wagon and bitterness, the sourness of the juice, and the sweetness of honey

It was a mysterious cocktail.

In commemoration of a trip with a friend

Originally, it was a trip alone

My friend came together as time.

Alcohol party in chat with lounges …

And I couldn’t have breakfast ……

#Enjoy the pool

It was late at night

I have taken care of the swimsuit and the water doesn’t take it too much

The grass found for about 30 minutes

Those who exercise at the luggage look at

I work hard

I was relaxed and good.

The opposite night view is also cool

So my friend’s Japanese friend

Because he is staying at the Galaxy Hotel

Take the shuttle bus to the Galaxy Hotel

The drinking that started again

Start with beer …

There was no end of conversation with Korean, Japanese and English.

After 4 people with 4 bottles of wine

I took a taxi at 5 am

So I couldn’t eat breakfast and fell asleep until 11 o’clock.

I’m sorry … I can’t eat breakfast

Cheap and wash your luggage

Before going to the terminal to go to Hong Kong

There was a video that I didn’t know what kind of spirit it was taken

#Macau Ferry Terminal

What’s even more unfortunate is to Hong Kong by riding Gangju Ao Bridge

I wanted to go over

When I heard that there was a bus luggage regulations, I gave up.

I was going to ride alone at dawn …

I couldn’t do it because I drank every evening.

It was so nice to see Kowloon Peninsula.

The weather is also clear

After all, this city was busy and many people were good.

What kind of fun Hong Kong will give me me for 3 days

Another thought and some people meet

Arrival at Hong Kong, which was so excited about eating and enjoying

Life, thank you, Egla

The changed Chuseok landscape

Life companion, he is walking alone.

20 years of marriage, graduated beyond twelve humps

Episode 08 Marriage 20 years, Graduation is over twelve humps

Sida’s dream, sister’s rosy dream did not bloom

08 /12

Would you like to listen to my life?

Looking back, I have had twelve humps in my marriage for the last 20 years. As my eldest daughter graduated from school for 12 years, I graduated from marriage. In her 20th anniversary, he and I decided to graduate from marriage. My wife role, husband role, son -in -law role, daughter -in -law role, etc. After taking off the role, only the existence of mom and dad remained. As a parent’s companion, he lived together, but now he has agreed to stop the role in the family he expected and expected each other. As a result, mom and dad’s place is not as a role, but an existential being itself. Now I have only my mother’s path and life as an individual being.

I’ll tell you the marriage story now.

The first hump was two years after marriage. The spring of the newlyweds quickly fell and the brilliant spring day was not very long. Failed to the father -in -law business after a big child. That was the first divorce crisis. A dilemma that can’t do this or that with a newborn baby. To him, “Are you a father? Are you a child?” I think I forced my choice. I want to choose my child and my parents, ignore my parents and choose to choose my child. Having his father’s debt and sleeping felt like he risked his life and jumped into his father to save his father. I and my child cried out and asked me to give up my father -in -law by thinking about me and my child. He didn’t choose anything for silence. At that time, it was the best. Silence may have been the way to protect both without giving up anything. I didn’t know that parents and wife were never a matter of choice.

The second Gobi was when she lost her first home, she had to move to a strange place. We had to empty the house where we lived in our father -in -law. I am in trouble where I have to go to a vacant battery without even a dime. At the end of the twist, I managed to get a rental apartment in an unfamiliar province. After working with his father’s business, he became unemployed, and he was working part -time at a junior moving center for a livelihood. The excitement of poverty, misery. I was embarrassed and embarrassed by this poverty. Poverty was considered a result of my fault and inability. I was sorry and uncomfortable to get the help of others.

The third thing that came to mind was that I was living in a rental apartment. If you can erase it with an eraser, you want to erase it cleanly. One night, she sent her young daughter to her grandmother’s house and ate with him. Sometimes I was drunk and made an excuse for drunk. He doesn’t drink. He has no time to drink and lose reason. He feels angry and explodes his anger, rather than exploding his anger. On the other hand, at first, when I was drinking, I used to explode when I had overlooked the anger, injustice, sorrow, and misery. That night was the same. I couldn’t stand his silence, who was just as resentful of his father -in -law and his father -in -law, and I couldn’t stand his silence, like a fool. It’s better to die like this. The crazy thing of a drunken person, a midsummer night. It’s a shameful memory.

The fourth hump was really hard and painful. Suddenly, the younger brother’s cancer, the father -in -law, who fell down due to cerebral hemorrhage, and Parkinson’s deeper, and showed the symptoms of dementia and mental illness. In the meantime, until the unexpected second pregnancy. ‘Ah, what do I mean?’ The time I cried and cried. The second pregnancy and morning sickness was so severe that I couldn’t eat anything, and I had to hold on to the ringer at the time. As the birth approaches, I was warned that there was a risk of premature birth. ‘Can I have this child?’, ‘Can you have a child and grow well?’ When everything was anxious and afraid. One day, my mom called me and told me that you were sick and hard. I told my sick mother, “It’s all sick when you get old. It’s sick and old. Where is the person who doesn’t hurt?” I screamed at whales. Her mother nails her heart. If she can be reversed, she said to her mother who wanted to pick up her. What I wanted to say to her mother was, ‘I’m sick now. I’m hard too. How hard I am, do you know? As much as my mom, no longer than my mother, I get sick too. ‘ Her heart is, ‘I want to lean on someone, to hug, and to be comforted. Please hug me. ‘ Maybe I wanted to complain.

Fifth hump. Her husband quit his job and started her business. In order to help him, who started hard with business loans, at the end of the month, I lent my acquaintances to help him. If you haven’t started it, don’t go on that way. I regretted after taking one step, but it was already spilled water, I couldn’t turn it a little bit more, a little bit more. How much regret and regret again.

Sixth hump. It was a time when I was working hard from early dawn to late night, 365 days a year, but as if I was in a fleet, vain, and foggy maze. Mom’s death and successive father -in -law’s death. In the meantime, the younger brother, who was worried about resolving the financial difficulties, was in gambling addiction. After his father -in -law’s funeral, he was looking around Jeongseon Casino and searching for his brother -in -law. ‘The sky is indifferent. How do you do this without endless trials? ‘ I think God’s resentment was a lot. On the way to send his father -in -law, his brother who went to the end of the cliff, came back alive, and returned his brother to a mental hospital. I just look at the sky. I didn’t say anything.

Seventh hump. While suffering from financial difficulties, he lived with sincere labor, and his father -in -law’s debt caused a problem in credit transactions and finally chose to give up his business. He acknowledged his failure and turned on the road. One afternoon, he came to the center office where I worked quietly and quietly called me and drove me to the West Sea. Walking on the breakwater silently, he stopped and looked at the horizontal lines far away. “I can’t go this way anymore. Now I’m going to stop. I’m going to stop here. I don’t think this is my way.” He arranged his workplace and went down to his hometown. I was at the crossroads of choice again. You may follow him or have no pointed alternatives other than that. Standing on the dead end, a new road opened again, and as a team leader, I had a chance to stay at home. I decided to take two children and go to the house. And he sent him. I was responsible for the burden and responsibility of the livelihood that I had as a father. As a parent’s head, I had to live my life as a mother of two children. I had no choice but to give up studying the Graduate School of Art, which I started hard. Still, she was fortunate to work, and she had a job offer for work, so she thought it was the help of heaven and thanked and grateful. By the way…

The eighth hump. In a year, I had to quit my work and get out of my house. Life is always a series of unexpected events. If you go on the road that you have never been, you have to think about which side of the crossroads, and you have no choice but to choose which one is. In the situation where I had to empty my house, I couldn’t go anywhere or see the road. Sister who came to the institute program listened to the story and found out the house near the cathedral. It was about her little daughter received a doctrine of spirituality, and she came close to the cathedral and stayed with her children to serve the cathedral. How fortunate and grateful she is. On the day I left my house, I was doing the last program at the institute, and he wrapped his children with his children and moved to the Yongdalcha and sent big luggages such as the refrigerator, the washing machine, the bed and the bookshelf. That evening, he and I went back to the house and were carrying the remaining small luggage in the car. The wiper operation that went back and forth to the left and right, the rainwater drops that were swept away and swept away, the excitement and 카지노룰렛 sorrow of the past seemed to flow down and overflow. Even though it was a miserable and sad movement, the sound of the rain was like a song that comforted me and soothed.

Do you remember Kim Jong -chan’s ‘living’? It’s a song from 1993, so it’s already 30 years ago. Kim Soo -hyun’s weekend drama ‘Living’ was a theme. The acting of actor Won Hee -kyung, who appeared as her big sister, is impressive, and it was an adversity drama about the four brothers and sisters who lived in hardship and adversity. At that time, when I graduated from college and sending a depressed helpless youth in Seoul, I met with college motives, drank, and went to the karaoke for the second and third, and then went to karaoke. It’s a song that I used to.

The ninth hump was a time when I was looking for a job and wrote about three thousand and dozens of resumes and self -introductions. After leaving home after business failure, he started a new start with a Hanok carpenter and worked around the country. While leaving the research institute, I was looking for a job and searching for a job, and I was a psychotherapist at a disabled welfare center for a year. It was so lucky for me.

Tenth hump. Select the therapist’s path and start studying again. I changed my studies for the Graduate School of Art, which I gave up, as a counseling education major, transferred to my master’s degree. It was not easy to study and study as a late student, but I had to. I didn’t want to go back before. After finishing the master’s thesis and graduating in seven years. Since then, I have been treating children’s play and youth counseling as a psychotherapist.

The eleven hump is divorced with him. I declared independence while he was falling off at the site of Jeju for a year. I graduated from my wife, resigning her daughter -in -law, and now I want to live my life. He organized 20 years of marriage and asked to clean up the debt that had been left for a long time. He had a lot of debt inherited from his father -in -law, and I had a lot of debt from him. I applied for a personal bankruptcy and was sentenced to immunity.

The last twelve hump is Lina and Anna’s graduation. After finishing 3rd and High School, the two graduated side by side. Lina and Anna went to a boarding school in the countryside. It was not easy for me to drive every week as a dormitory. When there was a deep concern and wandering in career choice, it was not light to look at it silently as a mother. Even though I know it’s hard, I just listen to it and pray, and when I can’t do it as a mother, the struggle of the seed that goes towards the light is a growing pain, and when I know that it will bear the fruit of joy, but It was necessary time. It’s like waiting for seeds to sprout in a warm spring.

2021, which is newly welcomed by 20 years of marriage, twelve humps, is a blessing. New spring, start again. Just as her eldest daughter graduates from high school and is independent of her 20 -year -old adult, she is trying to design a new life of 20 years old. The children have been hurt during the time, but nevertheless, she is good at her life without emotional shaking.

On the Road Less Traveled, I have a last hope to fulfill his little daughter Anna’s dream in his companionship with her daughter.